Welcome to my photography portfolio!

I’m Josh, I go by the handle “bluebay700″ – a call sign I came up with in the late 90’s for Bulletin Board Systems and for my brief HTs hobby (because “Cher” was already taken). I’m a freelance photographer and writer at bluebay700.com, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I embarked on this path in 2014. My main focus in photography are LGBT-related events, drag portraiture, fitness, travel photography with emphasis on culture, niche subjects and celebrity photography. I have a keen interest in on-location photo shoots, making use of a desired environment to tell a story. Where possible, I edit less in order to convey a more truer and realistic imagery.

When I started out, drag photography was still a niche yet a very exciting field. It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with very creative individuals, capture great moments of various events in many places like Vancouver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

Aside from photography, whenever I’m covering a special event as a press photographer, I also enjoy sharing my experience and observations on “paper” … in a candid manner with a touch of humour and a hint of sarcasm. Seriously.

Some of my photography work are listed in my Projects, or you can browse all my published photography work at bluebay700.com.

My other works (including writing) has been used and/or referenced by DailyXtra, Washington Blade, Comedy Central UK, Wikipedia (1, 2) and Revolvy, or by bands like Glenn Stewart, to name a few. I’ve also been fortunate to have my work republished through social media shares or being incorporated in promotional materials by my models or promoters .

If you have a project in mind or an event you think my service would be a great asset, or would like to inquire about my rates, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading.

photography.bluebay700.com_avatar–Josh (bluebay700)