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Photos Terms of Use

Use of bluebay700 photographs is subject to the following Terms of Use:

  1. All photography works are taken by bluebay700.
  2. All photos watermarked with bluebay700 logo (“photos” or “photo”) published on bluebay700.com, photography.bluebay700.com, social media (via @UhmazingPress and @bluebay700), anywhere online or in print are copyright of bluebay700.
  3. Photo may be used by the model for personal use only. Personal use means the use of a photograph is for personal reasons such as gig promotion (e.g. digital posters for social media promos), personal pursuits, competitions, personal social media content, personal site content or personal documentation, as long as it is not sold or does not fall under commercial use. Republished photos must retain bluebay700 logo watermark, if present, and must not be cropped. Photography credit is always appreciated! Give credit to “Photo credit: © bluebay700.com
  4. Selling of photos; either softcopy, print, or imprinted on other media, including the use of the photos for commercial purpose, or commercial campaigns without securing written permission from bluebay700 is strictly prohibited, and maybe be subject to copyright violation and damages — CIPAC
  5. photography.bluebay700.com reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without prior notice.

Privacy Statement

What personal information do photography.bluebay700.com collect?

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