Relaunching my official portfolio website involves three steps: 1. building the actual site, 2. sorting out my past work, and 3. selecting one photo that captures the essence of the whole project and render it for the site — social media versions are intentionally not the best photo resolution for a very good reason. So far I’m 30% in step 2.

It just dawned on me that I took on so many projects each year, even with cancelations, that I’m now taking a break from updating my Projects page. Some projects are back-to-back in one day. I’m literally overwhelmed just by looking at what I’ve done… but also proud to have the opportunities to do all of it, and being able to meet so many talented people from around the world. I didn’t notice it then because I was in the zone… so focused. Like for example, event photography makes me feel like I’m part of the show, but behind the scenes… incognito… invisible, if you will. But I’ll be sober… and perspiring like the performers, my knees will be all dirty, and my legs will be sore the next day. And sometimes I get a tip from the audience. The energy I get from it is so amazing!